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Our legacy
To the next 100.


We know good wine. 

So we should; we have over 100 years of local experience in winemaking.
And drinking. Our history is rich and our expertise is unique; both are
paired with a passion for flavoursome, expressive, and drinkable wines.

Our family tree is as strong as the vines we’ve grown,
and each generation has left their mark on the Western Australian wine
industry. One of the first on the scene, we’ve established vineyards,
created wines, and shared drops along the way. 

We’ve learned from our past; from Jack Mann, who made
great wines because he understood how to grow great fruit.
Inspired by his innovative methods and optimism,
we’ve taken a leaf out of his book. 

A leaf which has flourished and grown into our legacy. 


“Be careful, you are not in wonderland.
I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul,
in your isolation but you are fortunate in your ignorance.
You who have suffered find where love hides, give, share,
lose, lest we die unbloomed.” 
Allen Ginsberg