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Our labels.

There's a message on our bottles.


We drink between the lines.

You’ll find the Marri blossom on all our labels. Fitting, since you’ll also find the Marri tree is in all our vineyards. Our label is designed by Emma Mann, to sit at your dinner table, your bar, or in your wine cellar.

The blossom is a graphical expression of the 12 months of the vintage year, featuring the climatic conditions of the temperature and rainfall; our actuals against the averages. These are the natural elements that effect and enhance the quality of our wines.

Since the label shows the data for that vintage year, the flower’s shape subtly changes each year. Like the wine inside, every year the bottle is unique.

The message however, remains clear: it’s the nature of wine.


"Of course on earth one can never obtain perfection, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't strive for it."—Jack Mann