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The nature of our cellar.


Let's take it inside.

Our cellars are kept in the best condition. This is where our natural fermentation occurs. Here, sugar turns to alcohol in large oak vats. It’s a beautifully uncomplicated process, but we’re not the only ones attracted to it. So is a local pest; the vinegar fly.

They’re drawn to the production of carbon dioxide, which is emitted during fermentation. Any exposed wine or juice attracts hundreds of flies.

We keep them out with sealed tanks and superior hygiene, and when needed, we call for backup.


Working with Nature
We welcome the fantail bird; a second visitor to the cellar.
They dance, flit, and chirp through the cellar, as they chase down and consume the vinegar flies. Sitting at the edge of fermenters, they stake out and catch any fly they find.

They’re our local heroes.