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The nature of our blossoms.


A blossom by any other name would still taste as sweet. To the silvereye, at least.

When it is late summer, the Marri tree flowers with blossoms. The blossoms cover the trees and the nectar attracts a local character: the silvereye, a small green bird.

Thousands of silvereyes follow the sweetness of the blossoms. However, if the timing is not right, and the blossoms have not bloomed, an alternative sugar source comes in the form of ripening grapes.

The birds swoop on the grapes to receive their sugar fix. This is a challenge for local vineyards, with crop losses resulting.


Working with Nature
We’ve placed exclusion netting covering our vineyards to protect the grapes.
The birds are kept at bay. Our grapes are saved. Your glass is waiting for you.